Bruce Frumerman

Founder & CEO
Frumerman & Nemeth Inc.


Bruce Frumerman is founder and CEO of Frumerman & Nemeth Inc., a communications and sales marketing consultancy that helps financial services firms improve their abilities to attract sticky assets, create brand identities for their organizations and develop and implement effective new marketing strategies and programs.

Founded in 1987 pre-Crash, his firm’s work has helped money management clients attract over $7 billion in new assets, yet they are not third-party marketers. Frumerman & Nemeth has achieved this by helping clients create the ammunition they need to do a better job than their competitors in educating and persuading people to understand and buy into how they invest. This is the very content investment committees actually discuss behind closed doors and vote on when considering firms on a short list for potential investment.

Mr. Frumerman has over three decades of experience in financial communications and sales marketing consulting, product positioning, corporate branding, public relations, business strategy consulting and investor relations. His clients include hedge funds, investment firms serving plan sponsors and UHNW investors, family offices running investment strategies on offer to others, CTAs, private equity investment firms, mutual funds and 40 Act funds, and independent RIA firms serving the UHNW and HNW markets. These vary in size from multi-billion AUM firms to pre-launch start-ups.

Mr. Frumerman is a frequent speaker at various conferences for hedge fund, CTA and institutional money managers, family office investors, investment management consultants, and Third-Party Marketers, addressing the topics of marketing money management services and meeting the due diligence requirements of sophisticated investors.

Recognized as the most published industry expert on the subject of marketing alternative strategies, his articles have appeared in financial media such as FINAlternatives, Emerging Manager Monthly, CanadianHedgewatch, Emerging Manager Focus, Reuters HedgeWorld, Traders Monthly, HedgeConnection, The Alliance of Alternative Asset Professionals’ newsletter and Investor Relations Newsletter. Additionally, he wrote the chapter on marketing for the Thomson Reuters IFR Market Intelligence special report, Which Way Next For Hedge Funds? A Guide For Managers, Banks and Investors. Mr. Frumerman has also been quoted over the years in various financial media, including the Financial Times, Private Asset Management, FUNDfire and Opalesque.